Author: Florin Muresan

Developing a Personal Brand: 8 Powerful Tools We Recommend

Developing a personal brand takes time, so you want to start as soon as possible. By building a brand around you, people will think what YOU want them to when they see or hear your name. For this purpose, we recommend using a set of tools. We’ll present a few of them in this article, along with our advice on how they can help in your personal branding process. Don’t you just love tools that can make your life easier? I know I do. Developing a Personal Brand 101: The Tools We Recommend We’ve written quite a few articles about developing a...

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Combining Social Media & Email Marketing for eCommerce Marketing Dominance

Consumers are constantly connected to technology through different channels. They open emails in the morning, browse through Facebook in their spare time or use their desktop to find a new t-shirt. This all-day, anywhere access to the online world has shaped the way consumers shop online. Someone can find an interesting store on social media and then go to make a purchase after opening a sale email. The cross-device, cross-channel shopping trend is pushing eCommerce businesses to have a ubiquitous presence online; however, many businesses are failing to do one of the most important things: integration. By properly combining...

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5 Most Inspirational Bloggers In Asia [#infographic]

Last week, I created an infographic with the 5 Most Inspirational Bloggers In The World. Some of our readers asked me why I didn’t make an Asian version too. That was a good idea actually, so here it is: our mini-series with the most inspirational bloggers continues. Because of your special request, today I bring you this infographic with my favorite Asian bloggers. It doesn’t matter where you are from – you can still become a great and inspirational blogger. Here is an infographic with the most inspirational Asian...

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The Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing Need to Be Taken into Account

If you are a business owner, then you’ve probably already heard how beneficial social media marketing can be when it comes to ensuring  that your business will prosper. However, nobody seems to focus on the disadvantages of social media marketing. Instead, they hyper focus on the benefits. Click To Tweet Sure, it’s easier to live in denial and say social media marketing doesn’t have any drawbacks, but this won’t help you grow your business. Knowing both the positives and the negatives will help you make the right decisions for your business. This information is right up your alley, especially if you are tired...

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