Outsourced content is becoming a reality for more and more people who are working in the marketing industry. And why wouldn’t it be? It saves money, provides more time and freedom, enhances the customer experience, gives quality content and generally helps you make the most out of technology.

But why does everyone think that outsourced content is a good idea? Here are 9 simple statistics that will convince you that asking someone to help you with your content is a good idea.

62% of the Major Brands Use a Specialized Company to Create Their Content

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If others can do it, why can’t you? There are a lot of big companies, such as Udemy, which ask specialized writers from different marketing companies to create content for them. This not only enhances their website traffic, but it also makes them seem more professional and trustworthy.

Needing someone else to assist you with writing does not mean that you are not doing your job the right way. It just means that you want to obtain the best results and you are willing to admit that you need help. Outsourced content is a good idea for everyone who wants to keep learning about the best marketing tools.

Great Content Is One of the 3 Main Reasons Why Brands Have a Following on Social Media

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Whether we like it or not, in this technological era a lot of our clients and customers come from social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In order to keep a steady flow when it comes to advertising the business, we need outsourced content which will be clean and catchy for the audience.

This type of blogging comes in its best form from specialized content writers who are trained and can anticipate what the client wants and needs. They contribute a lot to keeping a continuous interaction with the customers.

Social Media Websites and Blogs Reach 8.5 out of 10 of All U.S. Internet Users

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Now do you understand why it is so important to be popular? Everyone with a computer and an Internet connection browses the Web for services and products. You need to be creative, original and convincing if you want to be one of the best.

This is where outsourced marketing can help you. It can build a professional image and boost your brand. Of course, there will be good days and bad days. But the most important fact is that your business will usually be improving.

UK Startups with Less than 10 Employees Allocate 39% of Their General Marketing Budget to Outsourced Content

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A high percentage of the financial industry is based on startups nowadays, no matter where you look on the globe. Generation Y came with fresh ideas and a huge amount of will to do something good and leave something behind.

Thus, this method is actually helping the global economy and bestows confidence upon those who want to take society to the next level.

78% of the General Client Base Thinks That Companies Specialized in Custom Content Are Committed to Building Good Partnerships

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Yes, outsourced content gives a high sense of stability and respect. Why is that, you may ask?

Because CEOs of brands which provide content for a living only hire the people whom they trust to do a good job. A lot of companies that provide this type of service often have an HR officer who is encouraged to keep the team happy and productive. These feelings influence their work and the relationship with their customers.

91% of B2B Marketers Get Help from Content Marketing. So Do 86% of B2C marketers

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How did marketing companies convince them? Because this is what they do. They convince the general public to try a certain service or product. See how good they are?

Of course, all these businesses need some insurance before paying for content, but companies like Squirrly and Crowd Content usually meet their target. We don’t set unrealistic expectations and we are driven by determination to do better with each client and never fail our customers.

90% of Consumers Find Custom Content Useful

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This is because the company which provides this service gains experience with every new client. They learn from their mistakes and they avoid making them in the future. The professionalism with which they solve every obstacle is exactly what you need to expect from your own brand.

It’s no surprise that everyone thinks of content marketing as a fundamental base for a great marketing strategy. It opens a lot of doors and gets to the hearts of people.

20% of Users’ Time Is Spent Surfing the Internet on Content-Led Websites

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Another advantage that outsourced content is giving its customers is the relevant background that their articles have. Content writers do research on every subject they write about.

They talk to experts, they proofread the information over and over, they double and triple check it and the end is up-to-date news and resources which offer relevant information.

Companies with Active Steady Blogs Get 97% More Leads than the Rest

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If you are committed and professional about your blog, there is no reason why you couldn’t promote your business on the Internet. Professional content is attracting more leads thanks to the teams which follow up until the end.

A good content writing agency does everything from creating the articles to doing social media promotion and analyzing the results.

In conclusion, there are a lot of advantages associated with hiring a content marketing company. So act now and prepare to double your client base.