Social Media and the Monkey See – Monkey Do Effect

Monkeys are known for copying what they see others do. Social media is the antagonist for every single thing that trends. People see other people talking, ‘liking,’ and sharing, so they do it, too. This is what starts trends, builds momentum, and establishes authority.

It is true that the key to content marketing is engagement. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms are an essential tool for new start-ups. When others see your name on various platforms, you become ‘top of mind’ and your products become a topic of curiosity and discussion. If you follow these aspects, you should be able to generate buzz and excitement for your start-up.

social media

Human Powered

It’s a psychological fact that human touch is vital for growth and survival. Business sustainability is no different. Knowing, seeing, and feeling a human presence behind all the state of the art technologies that many start-ups utilize is still essential. This is because the key to content marketing is engagement. Incorporating a human touch behind your new brand enables your future customers to relate to you.

You cannot effectively engage with computers. Human engagement holds one powerful tool that technology cannot touch…EMPATHY. Engaging with clients and leads through social media drives home the fact that your start-up was built to specifically meet their needs, solve their problems, and grow their business. Promoting a human touch to your new brand commands a real time presence behind the name.

Rapport Meets Authority

Engagement leads to building relationships. Start-ups need to build a rapport with people. It’s essential to share your knowledge and how you can help people with their business through various platforms so that you begin to attract the audience your business caters to. When you engage your audience and provide them with solutions that will benefit them, you’re establishing your authority. Social media outlets are the fastest, most powerful way to establish your authority.

The key, however, is establishing a relationship with personalities and authorities who agree and thus confirm your authority. This means looking for ways to help people without blatantly promoting your products or bragging. People are drawn to entrepreneurs who are knowledgeable, but humble at the same time. If your focus is on helping people, instead of helping yourself, the impression you leave is one of authority and authenticity.

Authenticity and Vulnerability

People who need their oil changed don’t take their cars to a dentist. Social media enables your new start-up to reach the audience it needs to grow.  You do this by stating clearly who you are and what you do. This way, you attract the right target audience. Be honest and vulnerable. Tell stories of your struggles, triumphs, and failures so that people relate to you. You probably started your start-up because you know you have a product or idea that can make a difference. Explain your ‘why’. Demonstrate your passion because passion generates excitement and hope.

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Likeability Establishes Trust

How you interact on social media either leads people to like you or to turn away from you. New start-ups have to put themselves out there and prove that they want to make a difference, and that what they do does, in fact, help people. You don’t have to do this by disagreeing with other authorities or by insulting their products. Develop a format of adding to what they’ve already proven and marketed. Speak of their developments with respect and humbly add your knowledge in with theirs.

What you’re doing is gaining the attention and respect of authorities who are already established as well as building trust with anyone who reads. When you’re well liked, your posts are shared more. Your articles have comments because people are engaged in your content. You have their attention. You also have social proof of your knowledge. LinkedIn alone, with the use of their ‘endorsements’, provides substantial social proof that you are who and what you say you are.

Calls to Action

Thus far, you’ve shown your ‘human’ side, engaged with like-minded personalities, related and helped solve others’ struggles, been vulnerable in sharing your mission and your passion, and built respect and trust with influencers. You’re now in the position to begin initiating calls to action. Content marketing is all about the call to action but they’re only effective if your audience has trust and respect for you.

If you don’t ask, they’re highly likely not to act. So continue building rapport, helping and being vulnerable, but weave in calls to action for sharing your content, signing up for your mailing list, and for purchasing your products. When you’re established and trusted, the calls to action are pretty much what seals the deal of conversion.

Social media is the beginning, middle, and end of all start-ups. People must see active accounts because if others are engaging, they’re ten times more likely to engage with you, too. It truly is the ‘Monkey See – Monkey Do Effect’.  Start-ups can use monkeys to their advantage.

Does your start-up need help implementing the ‘Monkey See – Monkey Do Effect’?  Squirrels can help, and in the case of social media, they’re the monkey’s best friend.

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